Electrokinetica The Electro-mechanical Museum

Our mission

Principal aims

  1. To acquire, conserve, restore and exhibit electrical and electronic artefacts, and associated technical, engineering, domestic and industrial artefacts and information
  2. To display the collection effectively and informatively, with emphasis on interaction between visitors and artefacts
  3. To mirror the physical exhibition with an online presence, including sufficient detail to offer website visitors a meaningful depth of interaction with the collection
  4. To facilitate and promote education about the history, principles and practice of electrical and electronic engineering
  5. To teach and undertake crafts and practices relevant to conservation, restoration and repair of electrical and similar artefacts
  6. To make the collection and archive available for academic research and to promote and carry out such research into the history of electrical technology

Policy on working exhibits, restoration and conservation

One of the main targets of Electrokinetica’s ‘hands-on’ format is to show many exhibits in working order. By this approach we aim to offer the most informative and interesting visitor experience that we can create, while helping to keep alive the skills and knowledge required to maintain the exhibits. The need to repair and service our working items will sometimes conflict with the need to conserve the collection in original condition for research. Where appropriate we will seek to acquire artefacts in duplicate or multiple, so that examples can be conserved using the best available techniques while others are subjected to wear and tear. In some cases it will be unnecessary to duplicate as the deterioration arising specifically from use will be minimal, whilst in others it will be impossible to acquire more than one example; each situation will be assessed on its own merits. Multimedia presentations can be used to interpret items which for conservation or safety reasons cannot be displayed in working order.

Current progress

The museum concept and its initial collection have been created by a group of enthusiasts. The second phase has now started, to form an organisation to advance the aims and deliver public benefit. A permanent and accessible museum is considered to be an essential part of the final configuration and this is the key aim of the organisation, however additional resources such as educational projects away from the physical installation are also under development.


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