Electrokinetica The Electro-mechanical Museum

Help Us!

There are several ways in which you can contribute to the success of Electrokinetica, and maybe get to play with some exciting toys too...

Locating artefacts

Do you know of a piece of electrical equipment that is sitting around unused, that we might be interested in? Much of our plant has come from disused sites, where we have often recovered the equipment shortly before demolition. We are always willing to discuss the feasibility of retrieval, and we’re getting quite adept at rescuing endangered items!

Donating artefacts

We are always delighted to receive original artefacts to expand and maintain our collection. Big or small, ancient or modern, we might have a slot for your item somewhere; and if we don’t we might be able to find it a home at an alternative museum site. It doesn’t have to be in working order or incredibly rare, or even electric, as we will need all sorts of vintage pieces to complete our period settings. Spare parts and obsolete materials will also be needed to keep our working exhibits in good order. Some of these are more or less unobtainable now in any condition so we must do our utmost to avoid remaining stocks going to waste.

Sharing Knowledge

Restoration and repair of older equipment often requires extensive knowledge of the technologies and methods involved. This familiarity is slowly being lost as the number of engineers and technicians with the necessary experience decreases. As the experts hang up their tools and slide rules and the documentation becomes harder to find and understand, the chain of wisdom from designer to manufacturer to maintainer becomes broken for ever. If you worked in an electrical industry or have gained experience of older electrical technologies, you might know something we don’t! We would be pleased to hear from you, and by joining in you can help keep the links alive as you hand on your knowledge and experience to other team members.


Most documentation is useful, service information is very useful. Even pages full of seemingly irrelevant scribble might unlock the mysteries of something important in the future. If you have documents that you could donate or allow us to scan electronically, please do get in touch.


If you like ‘hands-on’, get in touch now! There’s plenty to do, and you don’t have to be a technical boffin to make a really worthwhile contribution. At the moment, in the absence of a permanent exhibition, most practical work relates to recovering artefacts, but there’s something for everyone. Lots of important work can even be done from home, such as research and correspondence. If you would be willing to share technical resources or facilities that we need, you might be able to drive restoration projects forward.

Positioning the plant