What's going on behind the house tabs?

News of recoveries, restorations and run-up to opening day

What's going on behind the house tabs?

Postby Lucien Nunes » Wed Nov 05, 2014 11:24 am

The curtains are still closed but you can hear odd noises from backstage. What's happening?

We're moving stuff again! A brace of recent donations has taken up a lot of our time to organise and relocate, however we now have not just the bare bones but a substantial and interesting domestic appliance collection that will interest and enthuse visitiors from the very start. As always, some items are ready for display but others need conservation work; at the moment the focus is just on getting them organised and making space for displaying them. In the next few weeks, a lorry will be shuttling between the dead store and the main site, to vacate two rooms for home appliance displays and fill them with the most immediately presentable examples from the new acquisitions. In 12 months, we have gone from a domestics display that would fit in a large broom cupboard to many hundreds of square feet that will contain over 500 items including not only the washing machines and cookers I was talking about recently but also:
*The most attractive and ugliest heaters I have ever seen
*25 models of hairdryer
*A dozen 'health ray' lamps of various kinds ranging from dangerous to lethal
*Food mixers; note that we now have electrical mixers for food, sound, drinks and vision, but as yet not for cement
*A bubble washer
*A hippopotamus polisher
(OK, I made that one up - but the bubble washer really exists!)

Will post lots of pics once we start moving it all in...
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