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We want you to enjoy electricity. Please do not hurt yourself, others or Planet Earth as you do so. Some of the electrical devices and techniques depicted on this website would not be considered safe or correct practice by modern standards. They are included for historical interest only. Activities and demonstrations viewable on this site have been carried out by skilled and experienced persons under controlled conditions using safety measures that might not be visible to the viewer. We accept no liability for injury or damage resulting from imitation of our practices or following any procedures outlined herein. Potential hazards include electric shock, fire, exposure to hazardous substances and physical injury.

This website is intended to illustrate various artefacts, for which it includes supporting information to assist with interpretation. It is not intended as an authoritative research resource and whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we cannot accept responsibility for circumstances arising from the use of this information for any purpose. The interpretative text may contain opinions and recollections of the authors. We would be grateful for your comments and suggestions, particularly regarding any errors of fact that might have crept in. All text and pictures on this site are the copyright of the site authors and collection owners, except where explicit recognition has been made of alternative sources. If you believe that any text or picture on this site infringes your copyright, please contact us. Registered trade marks are used for reference only.

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Artefacts illustrated on this site may be the property of private collectors loaned for the purposes of display and research. None are for sale but many can be viewed by arrangement. Pending the inauguration of the charitable trust to administer Electrokinetica, this is a private non-profit enterprise.


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