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The Games Room

In the latter part of the 20th Century the increased availability of electronics and the associated reduction in the size of electrical equipment helped the explosion in availability of electronic based games systems and home computers. The push to move computing equipment out of the office and into the home led to a number of companies becoming household names - many of which no longer exist, although their legacy remains in that most homes now have a computer. From Atari, through BBC/Acorn, Commodore, Sinclair, Tandy, and myriad others, we have filled our games room with a wide range of 'home computers'. Much of this equipment is becoming highly collectable, as children of the latter part of the 20th century yearn for the simple gaming pleasures of Donkey Kong, Manic Miner, or Chuckie Egg. It is hoped that, once the real museum is up and running, you'll be able to play many of these games again on their original platforms. Until then, you can find links to emulation sites and emulation software within each games room.

Whilst for the majority of this site we have been able to provide detailed background and information for our exhibits, we recognise that there are many websites that document the history of various home computers in far more detail than we can do here, and we encourage you to visit these sites and support their work. If you have an old home computer at home, sitting in a loft or garage, please contact us and we'll gladly take it off your hands - particularly if you have any examples of equipment that we don't have listed here.


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