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Welcome to The Electrokinetoscope Palace

From the outset, electrical technology has been involved in making and exhibiting moving pictures. Motor-driven cameras and projectors were a logical development in the early days of cinematography, even though the photographic process is not itself electrical. The carbon-arc and filament lamp proved to be the most practical light sources for projectors and film sets, soon ousting alternatives such as acetylene and limelight. Then came the splendid, elaborate cinema buildings that made the movie-going experience something out of the ordinary, helped along by atmospheric electric lighting effects, the inimitable cinema organ with its all-electric action, and finally 'talkies' which embodied one of the first widespread uses of electronic sound reproduction. Today we have digital projection, in which electronic technology is finally superceding the familiar celluloid film itself. Here at the EK Palace, we will take you on a trip through the last century of cinema and theatre technology (like all good traditional cinemas we have a fully appointed stage too), revealing the many machines lurking behind, underneath and on top of the cosy auditorium.


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