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The Lister 'War Department' generating sets

Searchlight generator

R.A. Lister and Co. of Dursley were well established as manufacturers of industrial engines and small generating sets by the 1930s. As such, they provided the War Department (WD) with much of the generating plant used to power searchlights, mobile command posts, radar installations and other equipment during and after World War Two. Mawdsleys, makers of electrical machines also based in Dursley, had a close working relationship with Listers and along with Crompton provided many of the dynamos and alternators used on WD sets. Production of the 3 & 4 cylinder diesel units reached 100 per week in 1944, and many of these outlasted their original applications; AC sets were popular for standby duty once sold off to private owners, whilst the DC searchlight versions were widely used by showmen to power fairground rides.


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